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How to Choose the Right Travel Backpack for You

How to Choose the Right Travel Backpack for You

What you pack your belongings for is more important than what you pack, and travel baggage can be one of the most efficient and practical baggage options. They are sturdy and lightweight, compartments larger than standard suitcases and often small enough to carry an airplane. But because they offer so much, travel backpacks can be a bit confusing for first-time buyers. According to Mark Thibado, design director of Thule packaging, bags and luggage, “many users have a lot of different choices that are not clear, so people are incomprehensibly overwhelmed when choosing.”

Moreover, “bag brands provide more and more features to differentiate in a crowded market,” he adds. “These features are often designed around specific usage situations that are not well explained to the customer.” For example, a travel bag might offer a pocket designed for Bose headphones – and you have a pair of beats.

So, how do you choose the right luggage for you and your travel needs? We asked three travel lag specialists to weigh what you need to have in the perfect package.

What kind of journey are you going on?

travel girl journey

Some tours include boarding a plane, boarding a train, or boarding a hostel. You can walk through a train station, across some dirt roads, across the beach and up hundreds of stairs. So think about backpacks vs. wheels. Think about how you store your package (in the overhead bin), if you check it out, throw it in a pickup, or use it for a pillow. Knowing these types of situations will help you identify a bag that fits your situation and environment without hassle.

Consider its size – and weight.

Travel Bags
Different weight travel bags.

First things first: A suitcase should be large enough to hold everything you intend to pack. According to Chris Clearman, Founder and CEO of Matador, unless you want to use your luggage as day luggage – not your basic luggage – you will not need anything larger than 30 liters. Mark Coral, vice president of division at Eddie Bauer, vice president of product line management, challenges you not to carry too much of your backpack in a backpack.

“Become smarter than you are,” says Coral. “Getting a big package eventually leads to a bigger and heavier load. A better design in a small package will encourage you to choose what you are packing carefully and make a big difference in the long run for easy travel. ”

So weight is another important factor. Be sure to choose the lightest but most durable package you can find, Coral advises. “If you’re going to travel extensively, you need to make sure you’re not overloaded,” Coral points out. “A few extra ounces on your back can make you tired in a long day.” So, “make sure you get a lightweight bag, but it still gives you the quality and features you need,” he says.

Using a suitcase for an outdoor adventure


You do not need the versatility of features for this trip, and you need something specially built for mountaineering. Designed with practicality in mind, a bag can easily hold your essentials and is rugged enough to withstand the elements. Finding the right tools means finding something that has been specially designed with your needs in mind. Unlike a leisure trip, you only need to unpack your bag at the end of the day when you arrive at the camp. For this reason, you must make sure the packaging fits easily. Of course, we think it’s more important than getting something with different compartments and zipper tons. A good suitcase has a light waterproof fabric and a suspension system for even distribution of weight.

Get extra space

Traveling exposes us to many new experiences. That’s what makes it so unique and how it completely protects us from the travel bug. Sadly, all the tours end. To preserve the magical memories of adventure in a new place, we often get new items to remember our journey. Whether you choose a local style dress or a Christmas ornament, do not forget to plan to get extra space in your bag. Keep this in mind before you leave: If you have to sit on your bag to close it, nothing else you take with you on your trip will suit you, so be sure to get a bag that gives you plenty of room to carry. You have the freedom to invest in new treasures.

Buy for quality, not for the price.

Travel Bag

If you have never bought a travel bag, you may be shocked at how expensive they can be. (The best bags can be hundreds of dollars.) But according to Coral, this may be the only time you can get what you pay for – and he advises you to “invest the way you carry important things, because you are” and high – Size backpacks are not just a trip but should last for years.

Ensure you get your money’s worth by checking if the bags you are considering have a quality finish. “Look for nylon or heavier polyester or genuine leather,” advises Theido. “Canvas does not feel very light and can be a great material as long as it has a good protective waterproofing or wax coating.” Plastic clasps are not necessarily a sign of stupid design. According to Thibadeau, they may or may not be better than the metal cladding. But you will want to look for the YKK Zipper, which is “usually a high quality benchmark”.

Among other things that show that you have chosen a high-quality bag: full lining, pockets and straps sewn to the main compartment and double stitching finish.

Find out what features you need

Two Travel Bags

Travel backpacks offer many more features than traditional luggage, but to take advantage of them, you need to know what you need to keep snacks in the inner pockets for technical and water protection, from water bottle holsters to outer compartments. Therefore, Clearman advises, “Consider what you really need and find a package that meets all your needs.”

If you’re not sure where to start, think about what you often need to access, Coral says. The answer to this question will help you prioritize the features you want. For example, if you pack a lot of things you often need to grab – think: laptops, earbuds and other small necessities – you can choose a bag with a high roll for easy access. On the other hand, those who do not frequently dig into their bags may prefer a front-loading design.

Easy to catch with extra handles

Travel bag handle

The backpacks have extra handles on the top and side, giving you more ways to carry and handle the bag for a comfortable grip and carry. When you are in a hurry to make a last minute flight or try to get off the train on time and get on the next flight, it is helpful to have an easy way to grab your bag. Be sure to look at the handles and how many are in a bag. You should also pay attention to what your primary mode of transportation is. If you are going to take a train, catching and going is very important for successful transportation on your journey.

You do not have to say goodbye to the wheels

Did you know that there is such a thing as a bag with wheels? it’s true. We love them. The wheeled backpack offers great flexibility every time you travel. Whether you walk in an airport, train station, or on a dirt road, you have the option to roll over or take off. We like options.

Comfort reigns

Travel comfortable bag

Unlike traditional luggage, which will be carried behind you or near you, you will carry this luggage on your back, making you feel like you’re wearing it as a priority, Thebedo says.

“You’ll wear this bag a lot, maybe get stuck in airports, take an hour on a train, or try to kill an hour or two on a last-minute bus ride,” he says. If it doesn’t feel good in the store, we promise it won’t get any better in any of these situations.

Perhaps most importantly, the straps on the bag should be comfortable. “I always look for shoulder straps that feel really strong and sometimes a strong foam is better in the beginning. Most of them soften up a bit with use, ”Thibado advises. “Super soft or kush fo foam feels good at first, but over time they lose their comfort after packaging.” Be sure to check how the bag actually feels by asking a store clerk to fasten the straps to your body, then add weight to the package as you try it on. “It’s very important to do this,” he says.

Another thing that can affect your comfort is whether there is a board on the back of a bag. It is a mesh tray that allows air to flow behind the package. “I travel a long way in Southeast Asia, so it’s important for me not to sweat too much when carrying the bag around,” says Thebedo. (Thule’s AllTrail backpack has this feature.)

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